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What is Haem-Match


Haem-Match aims to provide blood for transfusion that is more precisely matched to patients’ blood groups, known as extended

(red cell antigen) matching, using genetics to determine blood groups and using artificial intelligence (AI) to allocate units of blood and maintain blood stocks.

We seek to demonstrate this initially in people with sickle cell disorder (SCD) and will also scope this work for other transfusion dependent anaemias such as Thalassaemia and Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS).


​​The ultimate aims of the project are to reduce the risk of harm caused by transfusion (antibody formation/alloimmunisation/

transfusion reactions), to streamline the allocation of precisely genetically matched units to patients with complicated transfusion needs, to reduce waste and improve efficiency in the collection and allocation of blood units.

Blood Test
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